Falcon-DM145 12-36W



Product Size: 145*218*H198mm

type of light source:Taiwan wafer

Light source color temperature:monochrome

Operating Voltage: AC220V/DC24V

product material: Aluminum lens Tempered glass hood

Protection class: IP65

feature of product

1. It adopts fully sealed waterproof design, which can effectively avoid water leakage of lamps and lanterns, and also avoid long-term soaking of water and lamp glue and drivers.

2. The product has stable performance, long-term inventory, and fast delivery.

3. Exquisite appearance, high-end atmosphere, moderate aluminum thickness and product weight, high cost performance.

1. Project Feasibility

Outdoor lighting companies are also known as outdoor lighting engineering design companies, indoor lighting engineering design companies, etc. The requirements of urban building lighting projects are getting bigger and bigger. For more than ten years, the Zhongshan landscape lighting project has also created the rapid rise of outdoor lighting enterprises.

The overall goal of the plan

Outdoor lighting companies have the same overall goal: to use lighting effects to embellish the urban night scene, colorful and colorful night living environment for many people, and boost the development trend of commercial services. The side of the city's evening color level reflects the city's cultural heritage, social and economic development, and has long-term social and economic benefits, economic benefits and ecological benefits.

3. Solutions

In the lighting engineering project of urban building body lighting, the precise positioning and willingness plan planning of lighting fixtures should be carried out according to the function and characteristics of the building. On the other hand, it is necessary to carry out a variety of lighting designs in each functional area of ​​the building, so that the differences between the indoor spaces of different buildings can be presented, and the lighting effects that meet the functional requirements and atmosphere must be created to brighten the natural environment.

4. Key lighting fixtures

line lights

Falcon-DM145 12-36W

5. Technical advantages

1. Effectively design and plan, standardize building construction, and ensure successful delivery

2. Landscape lighting first-class qualification certificate company, 3.15 credit enterprise

3. Create tailor-made lighting engineering project solutions for customers

4. Thirteen years of concentrating on engineering lighting and lighting projects, serving customers of 100 million yuan

6. Completion

Building lighting is a key part of the city's night lighting project. Cleaning up the city's starry sky can improve its own brand image and brand influence. A powerful way to identify buildings in the area.

7. Summary of the plan

Outdoor lighting companies regard the building lighting design scheme as a correct guide to explain the city and clarify the visual effect of the urban spatial layout; in addition, it is important to pay attention to the operation and maintenance of lighting projects to comply with environmental protection and energy conservation standards. In addition to the natural environment, electric energy is effectively used to reduce unnecessary consumption.

Eight, market demand analysis

With the development trend of the city, the urban lighting construction project will be concerned and highly valued by a large number of people. More and more lighting fixtures are effective, and the new building lighting project with the artistic level of appreciation will become the meaning of the city's brand image. work.