Falcon-DM145A 12-36W



Product Size: 145*218*H243mm

type of light source:Taiwan wafer

Light source color temperature:monochrome

Operating Voltage: AC220V/DC24V

product material: Aluminum lens Tempered glass hood

Protection class: IP65

feature of product

1. It adopts fully sealed waterproof design, which can effectively avoid water leakage of lamps and lanterns, and also avoid long-term soaking of water and lamp glue and drivers.

2. The product has stable performance, long-term inventory, and fast delivery.

3. Exquisite appearance, high-end atmosphere, moderate aluminum thickness and product weight, high cost performance.

With the change of living habits, night has long become another time point for modern consumption. The rapid development of night tour economy has become a key part of urban social and economic development. More and more cities marked buildings and tourist attractions have opened time for night time. The lighting design scheme of outdoor garden landscape lighting is a very important step in the whole process of outdoor garden landscape lighting, which integrates light into the building structure and green mountains. Outdoor garden landscape lighting has diversified the city's literary and artistic activities, and has drawn in the connection between human beings and the environment.

In the whole process of the rapid development trend of outdoor garden landscape lighting, there are also some problems, such as:

The design of the led outdoor lighting project is only superficial, and it is not in harmony with the local geological structure and overall appearance. The design plan should ensure that the actual lighting effect is in harmony with the natural environment.

2. The construction quality is also often overlooked. When installing lighting fixtures in ancient buildings, the damage to ancient buildings should be minimized. For example, when installing corrugated lamps, stainless steel plate locks can be used to fix the installation method; the problem of glare should also be fully considered. Lighting fixtures can be retrofitted with bubble glass or anti-glare mesh to reduce glare from entering the eyes.

Falcon-DM145A 12-36W

3. The output power of the lighting fixtures used in all buildings is too large, resulting in excessive output power consumption of electrical engineering resources, and excessive light source damage to the original visual impact of the building. The plastic art atmosphere of the natural environment must be matched and contrasted with light and shadow to achieve the ideal practical effect.

4. In some areas, the lighting of outdoor garden landscape should have the changes of seasons and traditional festivals throughout the year, rather than only the actual effect of a single change. Spring comes and autumn comes, and autumn is harvested and winter is hidden. The seasons are always changing, and the way of flashing lights should also change with the changes of the seasons. The harmony between the lighting effect and the natural environment can give people a different perception of the seasons.

Outdoor garden landscape lighting should be people-oriented, and lighting design should be properly treated as the visual impact of interpreting the city and establishing urban space planning; the operation and maintenance of lighting lighting must comply with energy-saving and environmental protection standards, considering the necessary conditions of the expected effect of lighting equipment, Reasonable application of every energy, reduce energy consumption and cost.